Moving abroad for work, or Why the working girl isn’t working…

You might have noticed a slight lack of post actually relating to work – which seems to slightly fly in the face of the whole point of this blog. And that’s because my beautiful, lovely job has given me the opportunity to move abroad BUT it turns out I’m not very good at the whole admin thang so it’s taking a hell of a lot longer than anyone hoped. Particularly the poor company I’m meant to be joining.

It’s always been on the table but suddenly the table has been piled high with terrifying visa applications and requests to see my A-level certificates and moving-abroad-tax-forms (that’s the technical term for them) and it’s all very, very real. Which is so, so exciting but also so, so scary…



The lazy London girl’s guide to skincare: baby face soap

Sometimes your face just needs a really good wash.

London is grubby. You know that horribly clammy feeling your hands get after you’ve got off the tube? When I first started getting the tube twice a day, I got slightly obsessed with using that horribly harsh hand gel that makes it feel a bit like you’ve dipped your hands in acid – super effective but not the kindest thing in the world.

But you can’t do the same for your face (although when a random drunk banker stroked my cheek on the tube at Bank I was VERY tempted). I’m sure that in your twenties you’re meant to be grown up enough to have a “cleansing ritual” (Elle tells me this is very important me time) and spend hours toning and cleansing and coaxing out blackheads but frankly I’d rather spend my me time in my pyjamas watching iplayer. All I want is something that makes my face feel really, really clean but not like I’ve just washed it with bleach. Which is where this beautiful product steps in.

It takes a couple of seconds to lather it up, you rub it into your face and leave it on for a little bit (whilst you brush your teeth if you really want to economise your time…) and then you wash it off with the lovely flannel it comes with. There’s something about using a flannel that makes me feel like a kid again, but it also makes it super quick. And it really feels like it gets all that horrible London grime off your face.

I’m sure there’s much more to the formula than I realise but all I know is it makes my skin feel so clean, and so soft. The only place I’ve seen it for sale is here: – and while £16 might seem a little steep for a bar of soap, mine has lasted me absolutely ages. And I’ve saved so much money not buying those lazy girl make up wipes…

Anyone else got any lazy skin tips for a lazy London working girl?